Robochek is FAR SUPERIOR to other emergency help apps and services because Robochek CONTACTS YOU! No need for you to press a button to make a call or send for help.

What if you are UNABLE to press the button? No worries because if you fail to REPLY to Robochek, it will AUTOMATICALLY text your emergency contacts for help at the time of your choosing.

Do your friends or family have the time to visit you
or check on you every day to see how you are? No?


You know they love and care for you but they are busy with their lives.

What if you fall, have an accident or something happens to you?

How long would it take before friends and family realize you are missing and begin to look for you?

Robochek Life Sentry is an automated app which asks daily 'Is everything OK?'. If you fail to respond, it will repeat the question every hour until you answer or at a time you specify, Robochek will automatically and SILENTLY use your smartphone to send text messages to your emergency contacts, providing the GPS location for where the cellphone is and as many details as you have provided about your plans for the day.

You could have an accident at home or away from home, get sick, have a car wreck, so many things could happen where you could lose touch with your friends and family, unable to call them yourself, so let our Robochek Life Sentry personal app use your smartphone to contact them for you, automatically.

You could even be with other people and something happen to all of you so fast or under such controlled conditions that you would not be allowed to make a call OR because your cellphone had been taken away. That is the beauty of the SILENT help message along with the GPS location being sent automatically at your preset time.

Earthquake, flood, kidnapping, robbery, mugging, shooting, fire, you name it, no one is ever truly safe.

If someone or some event is keeping you from your cellphone and you CAN'T answer your messages or calls, with Robochek, your friends and family will be able to find where you had gone and the location of your phone and hopefully, YOU!

How to run Robochek

1) Run Robochek and set your profile options;

2) select time to ask 'Is everything OK?'
3) add ringtone or vibrate

4) select time to send message to your emergency contacts
5) choose your emergency contacts

6) enter the text you wish to send

7) how to use Robochek

When the message is sent, the GPS location is included to help find you. The more details you write in the message about your plans, the easier it will be to locate you.


You can set the time between the 'Is Everything OK?' screen and the emergency contact time to create a 'window of protection' from a few minutes up to 24 hours.

Just click Yes, if you are OK and Robochek will sleep until the next day to check on you again.

Other uses for Robochek

Robochek was designed primarily to make sure you are OK daily.

You will find it has many other uses where you can customize the message and contact times to fit your needs.

Are you home alone? For how long?
New restaurant, bar, etc.?
Met someone new?
Going to a party?
Running or hiking solo outdoors?
Have a meeting, event or date?
Friend or Family member home alone and you are gone?
Going on a trip or vacation?

You can set the time between the 'Is Everything OK?' screen and the emergency contact time.

A basic use would simply report you haven't answered by the night or evening (anytime) and asking them to please check on you.

But the Robochek app can also be used to create that 'window of protection' for any specific event with a duration from a few minutes up to 24 hours.

Examples of Message information

We suggest you make full use of the message option to list;

who you will be with
where you plan to go
when you expect to return home
or where you expect to be at end of day
contact number or address where you expect to be

This way, not only will your phone generate a GPS location, but people can also track where you had planned to be in the event you are unable to respond to Robochek contact attempts.

You might think this is invasive, but it is totally your option as to how much detail you wish to provide. Below are some examples;

Our SOLE concern is your safety, to make sure if you disappear or are out of contact for too long a time, using your message content and GPS location, Robochek might help your friends and family to find you.


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